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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Why do you prepare the placenta supplements in my home?​

We prepare placenta pills in your home for the following reasons:​

  •     You can be certain that you are getting your own placenta; and ONLY your placenta. (This Miami Maternity Center is under fire for its suspected practices).

  •     You know exactly what is happening to your placenta. You know that it has been stored at the proper temperature and, if you choose, you can actively observe the preparation of your placenta.

  •     You can be assured that your placenta pills are prepared in a clean environment. Without regular health inspections and monitoring, the only way to ensure your pills are being prepared in a clean and legal environment is by having them prepared in your home.

  •     As PBi-Trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialists, our handling and disinfection practices meet strict Federal (OSHA and EPA) and local guidelines. Our standards also meet EPA guidelines for licensed small laboratories, who handle bloodborne pathogens and medical waste.

Most states have strict standards for facilities that prepare consumable substances. Regular inspections are performed by the local authority in order to ensure proper food handling, sanitation and other safety compliance standards. It is imperative that you know what is happening to your placenta (or any other food that you ingest). This is a new type of service. There is no government/health department monitoring or inspecting that will ensure proper food safety and sanitation guidelines are met. 

2. How soon after I give birth do you start the encapsulation process?

Ideally, within 4 days of delivery (though we are currently experiencing delays).  When you contact us to let us know that you've given birth, we will then coordinate a time to come to your home. Once you book services with us, all the information you need will be emailed to you.

It is highly recommended to book your due date with one of our dedicated team members to secure your spot on our calendar. Pricing for services increases with gestational age.  We encourage you to book services anytime between the 13th and the 36th week of pregnancy.  We can often accommodate you, if you book services later than 36 weeks or once baby has arrived, but it will cost more and we cannot guarantee our availability or the timely completion of services. ​

3. How long does the process take?

Placenta Encapsulation is performed in 2 sessions, over 2 consecutive days (1-2 hours per session).​

4. Will there be a smell in my home?

In a home with a decent ventilation system (hood), there will be very little or no smell. Otherwise, there is a very localized smell in the kitchen. The overwhelming consensus is that it smells like Liver. I have had no one to complain about "bad" odors, even visiting family members. The Liver-like smell does not permeate one's home and dissipates rather quickly.

5. How much does this service cost?

The cost is $325-$390, depending upon your location. Those in or near Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh metro areas or Sebring, FL are generally on the lower half of the pricing scale.


Pricing for services increases with gestational age.  We encourage you to book services anytime between the 13th and the 35th week of pregnancy.  We can often accommodate you, if you book services later in the pregnancy or once baby has arrived, but it will cost more and we cannot guarantee our availability or the timely commencement of services. 


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6. Do you offer payment plans?

Full payment for services must be made before the start of encapsulation services.  For our payment plan, we simply send you an open invoice which requires minimum payments of $50 per payment.  You can make a payment when you are able to. You can even pay at an irregular rate, if that is what works for you.  Also, the placenta can be safely stored in a standard freezer (double bagged in freezer-safe bags then, for extra protection, put into a brown paper bag) for up to three months.  If necessary, we can postpone encapsulation in order to extend your payment time.  It is ideal to get started with your placenta pills by day 5 postpartum. 

7. Do you offer Gift Certificates?

This can definitely be arranged.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate or making a payment towards someone's outstanding balance.

8. What is your refund policy?

If you are unable to obtain your placenta or if you simply choose not to go forth with placenta encapsulation services, and you have made a payment in advance, a refund is always granted (as long as it is before encapsulation services have begun).  The only portion that is non-refundable is a $25 processing fee. Refunds will be issued within 2-8 weeks of refund request.

9. How many placenta pills will I receive?​​

110 pills is about average.  78 pills typically lasts for 3 weeks, which is the ideal length of time to use Placenta for postpartum recovery. We've given out a range of 65-215 for singleton placentas. 

10. Do you use Raw or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method to prepare the placenta?

We ONLY provide TCM method of placenta encapsulation, including the use of "warming" herbs and "conscious" handling of the placenta.  Placenta encapsulation has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over a thousand years. In fact, the earliest text that we find about this is in Chinese text, dated back to approximately 600 A.D. So we go with what has been done many years and has been shown to be beneficial. Raw encapsulation has not had nearly as long a history (in fact it is fairly new...) and we do not recommend it at all (and on a personal note, my guess is that when health care officials and authorities get wind of the fact that individuals are offering a raw meat product to a newly postpartum mom, it will lead to major investigations.  ~Jereka Hunt). TCM is great for stabilizing the mood and the hormones, and it is also equally as great for increasing energy and replacing iron in the body. In fact, this is one of the benefits that is felt the soonest (increased energy due to the iron replacement) (We even have some doctors who will forgo prescribing iron when they know mom is going to encapsulate. ~Jereka Hunt). With raw encapsulation, the placenta is never heated to safe temperatures. Further, if it is done according to the actual raw foods movement, it is never heated above 118 degrees.  It simply does not get high enough to destroy bacteria (such as E. Coli or GBS) and could be dangerous.  Also, during the postpartum phase, a mother needs foods that are cooked or warm. She needs food that are already broken down (through cooking). With raw encapsulation, it is literally raw meat. That is too hard on a woman's digestive system (and thus her entire body) while she is recovering from childbirth. According to TCM, the postpartum woman is considered cold (when we lose blood and "Qi" [or life force] we turn cool [very “Yin”] and become “Yang” deficient. In order to return our bodies to a warm flowing balance of energy we must warm the body).  Due to the postpartum woman being "cold", she must consume "warming" food (foods that have been cooked or steamed and/or foods that are hot/warm). The warm counteracts the cold in order to reestablish homeostasis throughout the body.  (If you can, have stews, soups, casseroles and other warm/cooked meals prepared for you to eat during the first week or 2, postpartum.)

11. Can I encapsulate my placenta if I am GBS positive?  

As long as it is done properly using the Traditional Chinese Medicine method, it is safe to encapsulate the placenta. Raw preparation of placenta pills (where the heating part of the process is skipped, entirely), does NOT allow the placenta (an organ meat) to heat to safe enough temperatures to destroy potential pathogenic bacteria. Wombmart Placenta Encapsulation has always and will ONLY ever provide TCM encapsulation services and we have always encouraged moms to seek specialists who have food safety training, who will come to your home to provide the service (so you can be sure you are getting your own placenta and only your placenta), and who use the TCM method. The placenta is NOT a vegetable or fruit. The raw foods movement (where eating foods in their rawest forms for max. nutrition is encouraged) is not applicable here; in the same way you wouldn't eat a raw piece of beef or chicken in order to get all of the nutrients, enzymes and B-vitamins. Meats need to be heated to FDA recommended standards! Here is a blog post and further reading regarding GBS and Placenta Encapsulation(Wombmart defers to your HCP's professional advice and your ultimate say in the matter. Though we are trained professionals, we are not medical professionals.)

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