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Potential Encapsulation Delays

Attention Wombmart Clients: 


Wombmart is not immune to the current conditions, including staffing shortages. 


We are working on expanding our team. However, in the meantime, there may be minor delays in our start time for the placenta encapsulation process. Traditionally, we guarantee that we will get started within 4 days of delivery. With staffing shortages, we MAY have you freeze the placenta if we are not able to see you within 4 days. Approx. 80% of the time, we should be able to see mothers within 4 days of delivery. 95% of the time, we should be able to see you within 7 Days of delivery. That does leave a small chance that the process could start within 10 days of delivery, given our current staffing shortages. 


Wombmart specialists will make every effort to see clients in a timely manner. Since starting this business in 2010, and seeing several thousands of clients over the years, we have missed the four-day deadline less than 10 times. And those were extenuating circumstances.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Refunds are always granted upon request. The only portion kept is the non-refundable $25 portion as mentioned in the FAQs and in the invoice notes.   

REMINDER: Especially now, don't forget to reach out to us with a heads up when true labor has begun! And, let us know as soon as possible when baby has arrived. Your notice helps us to plan.

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