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Placenta encapsulation services is a very personalized, discreet, in-home service that is most effective within 4 days after delivery.

 "I also noticed significant mood stability when I took the pills (I sometimes forgot!). Even now, at 10 weeks postpartum if I'm feeling a little extra tired or hormonal I'll take a few pills and I'll notice my mood improving and my energy level increasing..."


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Placenta Encapsulation Services

The Wombmart Experience

Since 2010, the Wombmart Experience has combined Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern research, science, safety and sanitation. Each of our Placenta Encapsulation Specialists (PES) are trained through PBi's extensive training program to know the true science of the placenta and it's benefits. 


(Did you know that term "Placenta Encapsulation Specialist" is trademarked and may ONLY be used by PBi-trained individuals?  It's true!)


PBi offers extensive, in-depth training on the scientific research of consuming the placenta, as well as the proper methods and techniques to safely encapsulate the placenta. There is no other training in the world as extensive as PBi.


All Wombmart Placenta Encapsulation Specialists have current ServSafe certifications, trained to be knowledgeable on current and proper food safety techniques, as it pertains to your placenta and your home.

As we follow PBi's method for encapsulating the placenta, our standard operating procedure (SOP) is on file with the FDA. 


They know what we are doing and how we do it. 


Our procedure for encapsulating your placenta, waste disposal, as well as cleaning and sanitizing your sink (and our equipment) is the same as that of a small mobile laboratory.


Wombmart Placenta Encapsulation Specialists:
  • ·         Follow strict OSHA guidelines

  • ·         Trained in Food Safety Handling

  • ·         Are knowledgeable in the benefits of placentophagy

  • ·         Are trained in the PBi method of placenta encapsulation

  • ·         Are experienced professionals

  • ·         Answer your questions

  • ·         Will explain the entire process to you as it is performed

Our specialist are professional and knowledgeable about the placenta and often perform several encapsulations on a weekly basis.


Placenta encapsulation is not a hobby for our specialist. We stand firm with standards and ethics, experienced in providing the beautiful, safe "Wombmart Experience" that our customers rave about.   

Service Includes

Placenta encapsulation is a process that's used to help women safely consume their placenta after childbirth. Our professional service turns your placenta into capsules to eliminate the "Baby Blues".

Placenta tincture is an added bonus in that it can be used in addition to and long after the capsules are gone. By steeping a small amount of the placenta in a high grade alcohol, you can increase the length and benefits of your placenta.

The Mother's Broth is a natural by-product of the placenta preparation process.  While it is mostly water, it contains essence of the placenta (especially hormones and a bit of iron).  It also contains Traditional Chinese Medicine “warming” herbs. 

Umbilical Cord Keepsake

Included in our service is your umbilical cord made into a beautiful keepsake to spark memories down the road in life.

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The Wombmart Process

We only provide in-home Placenta Encapsulation service and highly discourage you from any type of service that takes your placenta away. Read Why HERE.

  • Placenta Encapsulation is a 2-step process that only takes 3-4 hours total time.

  • The process is performed in 2 sessions, usually over 2 consecutive days (1-2 hours per session).

  • We aim to get started within 4 days of your delivery because the hormonal and iron are at their highest.

The Wombmart process is neat, sanitary and not intrusive.

Nothing is needed from you for Placenta Encapsulation but your healthy placenta. Our specialist will need use of your kitchen sink, stove top and counter space with access to an electrical outlet.

Once you book services with us, all the information you need will be emailed to you.

It is highly recommended to book your due date with one of our dedicated team members to secure your spot on our calendar.