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The leading provider of in-home placenta encapsulation in the Southeast since 2010.

When we started Wombmart in June of 2010 we had no idea it would grow into such an accepted practice of postpartum recovery. Our only hope was to help the next family with something that we tried and loved.

Since 2010 our family has grown to include more children and more friends. With each encapsulation, we know that we have given our all to help our fellow parent be the best that they can be during what should be a time of beautiful memories. We take a lot of pride in that.


Professionalism, Care, Wellbeing

We have combined the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern research, science, safety and sanitation. Each of our Placenta Encapsulation Specialists (PES) are trained through PBi's extensive training program to know the true science of the placenta and it's benefits. ​

PBi offers extensive, in-depth training on the scientific research of consuming the placenta, as well as the proper methods and techniques to safely encapsulate the placenta. There is no other training in the world as extensive as PBi.

All Wombmart Placenta Encapsulation Specialists have current ServSafe certifications, trained to be knowledgeable on current and proper food safety techniques, as it pertains to your placenta and your home.

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