Placenta Tincture

If you are interested, please purchase a half pint (if no half-pints are available, a pint will be fine) of 100 proof vodka, and have it available at your home. Here’s further reading, explaining more about tinctures (We highly recommend them). If you have any questions at all about the information below, please do not hesitate to ask.

Placenta tincture is an added bonus in that it can be used in addition to and long after the capsules are gone. By steeping a small amount of the placenta in a high grade alcohol, you can increase the length and benefits of your placenta. Many have found the tincture helpful in times of trauma, transition or emotional distress, for PMS, and for mother later in life during menopause. It may be turned into a homeopathic remedy, for you or your child, by your local herbalist or a TCM practitioner.  Most importantly though, it can be used to simply extend your placenta use. By adding 5-10 drops of tincture to your tea, coffee, water, juice, etc. you might continue to reap the benefits of mood stability, decreased anxiety and more.

The tincture is very shelf-stable, if kept in a cool dark place, and will last for many, many years.

As you use the tincture, you can continue to add 80 or 100 proof high grade alcohol (vodka) to the bottle as the tincture is used, never allowing it to get below half full, or even better, 3/4 full.

Again, the tincture is prepared completely free of charge for Wombmart clients. You only need to provide the vodka (approx. $4-$5). The goal is to not need it, once the pills are gone! However, if you do need it, it’s great to have on hand.


In the average woman, it takes the hypothalamus approx. three weeks to start producing the hormones that were being produced by the placenta during pregnancy. For some women, however, it takes a bit longer. For these women, the tincture may be extremely beneficial. We highly recommend it to all of our clients.


P.S.- I still use my own tincture every other month or so for PMS moodiness (please ask any questions that you may have. We are happy to share our personal experiences with you).