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11.11 FLASH Deal


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Open to New Clients only (not currently on our calendar).  Only 10 spots available!


Be one of the first 10 to reserve you spot and make a one-time payment in-full to get $30 off of the regular price of services (or $15 off with a deposit of at least $50 towards services).
Inquire today for your price quote.  If you've already inquired and received the informational email, you have the link to fill out our online Intake Form (towards the end of the info email). Start there to get the ball rolling.  Mention the 11.11 FLASH Deal! We will let you know if all spots have been filled. 

  • Available to ALL service areas including Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Columbia, SC and Savannah, GA 

  • Must book by making your payment.

  • Limited-time. Limited to first 10 people or 11/15/19, 11:59 PM, whichever comes first. Don't delay! 

  • Already paid for services or made your deposit? Sorry, this deal is not available to you. 

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