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"It Takes A Village..."

Placenta Encapsulation Reviews

A very true statement when it comes to our children. Knowing and passing on the knowledge of experienced parents is a valuable tool when it comes to figuring out what works for us and our families.


We believe this at Wombmart and we think the most important aspect of research is learning from those with experience. So this is what Mothers and Fathers, just like you, are saying about placenta encapsulation and our services.

“On behalf of my wife, my newborn child and myself, I just wanted to thank Jereka for her encapsulation effort two months ago. Just a couple years ago, I would have been sickened by the thought of my wife consuming her dried out placenta. After reading just a bit of reputable research however, it was easy to change my tune. After all, it was sanitary, so what did we have to lose? I thought that if it worked, I'd save the three of us the strain that PPD causes at a time when you really need to be performing at 150%. The process of having Jereka come in and do the work over the two days after the birth of our child couldn't have been easier. She took care of everything in a quick and friendly manner without any effort required by the rest of us. Before we knew it, we had a whole bunch of capsules ready to go. We took them as directed and nothing happened. I mean that, everything with my wife was great! Her attitude was great! Her energy levels were unbelievable - especially considering she just went through childbirth and was getting little sleep. She recovered physically very quickly as well. Although we were both busy as parents of a newborn, my wife's energy, physical health and attitude resulted in an experience that required much less effort than either of us had mentally prepared for. We slowly weened her off the pills as directed and again nothing. Everything was and continues to be just fine. Thankfully, a large placenta meant we had lots of pills remaining, so we squirreled them away for menopause in the hopes that they may be able to assist with more "awesome nothingness!”


Fort Mill, SC

I've only been taking the capsules for a few days but I can already tell a HUGE difference between my emotional state this time around versus how I felt with previous postpartums.  Having suffered postpartum depression ranging from mild to moderate with two of my four previous pregnancies, the way I'm feeling this time around almost feels too good to be true.  In fact, almost daily I find myself telling my husband "I don't know if this feeling will last, but..." followed by something positive!  I haven't missed a dose (and won't!) for fear that some tiny bit of sadness will creep in on me, so I can't speak to how I would feel if I missed taking a dose.  Jereka is AWESOME!  Love, love, love her.  She is so knowledgeable and believes wholeheartedly in her service and her products.  Her confidence gave me confidence that this would work.  She was able to answer all my questions and was full of interesting little tidbits that really whet my appetite for learning not only more about the benefits of placenta encapsulation, but about other miraculous things a woman's body can do.  She allowed and even welcomed me to watch the process and I was so impressed at how clean it all was.  I don't know what I expected but it wasn't that!  And when she left it was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened in my kitchen.  I will recommend this service to every single pregnant woman I encounter for the rest of my life!  This is without a doubt the most peaceful and happy postpartum period I have ever experienced.  Fifth time's a charm, I guess!

Elka Martin

Gastonia, NC

"When it comes to placenta encapsulation, I guess you could call me a desperate skeptic.  As a mother of three, my experience had always been coming home from the hospital with my babies, only to quickly come undone--spending most of the first week at home sobbing irrationally.  I felt robbed of the newborn "honeymoon".  I bleed for weeks. I can't lose a single postpartum pound for months. Even more, I am a mother who develops postpartum depression a bit later--when my babies are about 6 months old--and who has adverse reactions to anti-depressants. When I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I learned about Jereka and placenta encapsulation. My first thought was along the lines of "Ew. No way." But as my pregnancy became a complicated and difficult one, my mind kept coming back to the idea. It was way outside my comfort zone. I wondered what my very traditional obstetrician would think and say. I wondered if the labor and delivery nurses at Presbyterian-Matthews would think I was crazy. I was terrified to tell family. I can only say that I was surprised, over and over again, as my doctor, nurses, lactation consultants, and family were nothing but supportive and happy for me. Many were intrigued. It made sense to give it a try, so we decided to go for it.  A few weeks later, I had my baby, and brought her home two days later. That night I sobbed myself to sleep and honestly felt like I was just holding on until Jereka could come to my house the next day. (She was my light at the end of the tunnel!)

The next morning, Jereka came to my house, like a light. She was a quiet and happy presence in my kitchen, answering any questions I (or my kids) had, as she worked. I loved having her. When she left, with the dehydrator humming, she left me a soft styrofoam mug of broth and told me she'd be back the next day. I will be honest--I didn't plan to drink the broth, but curiosity got the better of me and I took a sip. One sip, and I couldn't stop. It was like my body was craving the warmth and the nutrients and I didn't even know it. Within an hour--maybe less--my baby blues were gone. GONE. Never to return. No more crying. I've been a believer since that hour.

I've taken the pills just as directed, and have felt happy and--miraculously--like myself. I have spent the weeks since then enjoying (for the first time!!) my newborn. I have lost almost all the baby weight, without even trying. I've bled a lot less. My Mom talks to me on the phone and has commented that it is so amazing to just be talking to her daughter--not some fragile, emotional postpartum mom. My husband is thrilled. We are all just so happy.​
If you're considering postpartum encapsulation, but feeling on the fence about it, I would just say this: "What do you have to lose?" I only wish I'd known about it years sooner.​

Rebecca Riding

Indian Trail, NC

I had PPD with my first son, which was the main reason we chose to spend the money on this....WELL WORTH IT. Having Jereka come to your home is a huge bonus, especially with a new baby in toe. It was quick and easy, no worries for me, just got to enjoy my baby girl. When I started I had so much energy and felt so great I almost felt like it should be illegal. I would highly recommend Jereka. She's very professional, knowledgeable and great at what she does. And the keepsakes are awesome! Don't miss out on the opportunity to put your best mom forward for your baby or babies. You won't regret it at all!

Erica Potter

Charlotte, NC

I had my placenta encapsulated for my third birth. I experienced above average post-partum bleeding and I wanted a bio-available source of iron. My milk also always came in at exactly 3 24-hour days, and I wanted it to come in slightly earlier to alleviate some early crying and slow weight-loss for the baby. I was able to start taking the placenta pills at about 22 hours post-partum. My milk began coming in at 2 days post-partum, which prevented the baby from losing as much weight as his sisters did. I also noticed significant mood stability when I took the pills (I sometimes forgot!). Even now, at 10 weeks post partum if I'm feeling a little extra tired or hormonal I'll take a few pills and I'll notice my mood improving and my energy level increasing. I would recommend placenta encapulation for everyones, but particularly for first time hospital birth moms. I think they would benefit from the increased milk supply and hormonal balance in the stressful hospital environment.


Denver, NC

This is my second week using the placenta pill therapy. My baby is 11 days old. I am so happy I used this service. When Jereka came to my house, she was 100% prepared and professional. When I returned home after a follow up appt with mid wife, I found the placenta broth Jereka left for me with directions, this was day three after giving birth. I read the directions and drank the entire glass. 5 minutes later I was able to go number 2 after not being able to go for almost 4 days. I felt so good afterwards! The next morning she came back to my house to finish the encapsulation process. I started taking the pills immediately. I had been so emotional the first 2 days after giving birth. When I began taking the pills I started to feel balanced. My sleep is fabulous, when I sleep, and my milk supply is plentiful. I am the adventurous type by nature and I enjoy trying new things. I would strongly recommend this service by Jereka and i will for sure use her in the future. Thank you for your service and for making my first experience as a mother a wonderful one.


Charlotte, NC

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