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Why do we prepare the placenta in your home?

North Carolina and South Carolina have strict standards for facilities that prepare consumable substances. Regular inspections are performed by the local authority in order to ensure proper food handling, sanitation and other safety compliance standards. It is imperative that you know what is happening to your placenta (or any other food that you ingest).

This is a new type of service.

There is no government/health department monitoring or inspecting “Placenta Encapsulation Facilities” in order to ensure proper food safety and sanitation guidelines are being met (proper temperature controls, properly working appliances, no mixing of personal area and placenta preparation area, proper labeling, no animals allowed in work area, etc.). And there are currently NO facilities in the United States that are approved for the preparation of placenta pills. These pills are being prepared in someone's home, not a local Health Department or FDA inspected facility as you would require for any other place which prepares consumable substances (especially meat products). As my mentor and director of pointed out, even if you wanted to start a cookie baking business, your facility must be licensed. And if you sell cookies without a state (county or city) issued license, you are operating illegally. If that's the case for cookies, it must apply to placentas, right?​​

It is perfectly legal to have your own placenta prepared at your own residence.

It is however illegal for a professional to prepare food products for sale and distribution out of his or her private residence. (Especially proteins – creams and meats- for which a professional needs special food handling knowledge along with certification/inspection).

In other words, in the same way that a person cannot legally prepare and sale dinners and meals out of their homes in NC, an individual cannot legally prepare placenta from their home, unless it is your own placenta being prepared in your own home.

In other words, in the same way that a person cannot legally prepare and sale dinners and meals out of their homes in NC, an individual cannot legally prepare placenta from their home, unless it is your own placenta being prepared in your own home.

We prepare placenta pills in your home for the following reasons:

  • First and foremost because it is illegal in the state of N.C. for me to transport your placenta without proper certification and for me to prepare consumable foods for sale in my home. Yes, illegal.

  • You can be certain that you are getting your own placenta; and ONLY your placenta. This Miami Maternity Center is under fire for its practices that were unknown to the majority of the families​.

  • ​You know exactly what is happening to your placenta. You know that it has been stored at the proper food temperature and, if you choose, you can actively observe the preparation of your placenta (in fact, many of our clients delight in the educational sessions that they experience with us).

  • ​You can be assured that your placenta pills are prepared in a clean environment. Without regular health inspections and monitoring, the only way to ensure your pills are being prepared in a clean and legal environment is by having them prepared in your home.​​

  • As a PBi-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, our handling and disinfection practices meet strict Federal (OSHA and EPA) guidelines. The PBi method of preparation is on file and documented with the FDA! And our standards meet EPA guidelines for a licensed small laboratory, which handles bloodborne pathogens and medical waste. We're not just testing or trying new things and we haven't simply read a blog or seen a video about preparing placenta. This is an ACTUAL TWEET!

It is VERY important that you have a TRAINED Placenta Encapsulation specialist come to your home to prepare your placenta pills!​ People often ask me why the pills need to be prepared in their homes. Well, here's one reason!

It may be uncomfortable to have a stranger in your home immediately postpartum and it may be a minor inconvenience, but it is FOR YOUR SAFETY! This way, you can be certain that your placenta (an organ meat) has been handled properly. ​You can even watch your specialist and ask them questions as the pills are being prepared.

Do your research and be careful.

Deal with professionals who ONLY offer to prepare in your home. What's more, take a look at this situation from California in the L.A. Times. While is it specific to the state of California, let this be an indication of how foods are generally handled and monitored in the US. It is generally against the law for a professional/chef to prepare foods for others to consume within their (the professionals’) homes, without special certification/training and facility inspection. In this case for CA, the law has changed BUT it is STILL illegal for professionals to prepare products containing meats and creams in their homes.

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