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Job Openings

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist  (Now hiring in Greensboro Triad, Charlotte, and Raleigh/Durham areas. Also, adding to our waitlist.)


Having a baby is one of the most joyous times for a family. Being able to help a family enjoy this special time is truly a gift. We specialize in providing families with postpartum care that helps them remember this event as a time of happiness, not stress. Be a significant part of a mother's beautiful birth story!

Now, in our twelfth year in business, Wombmart is the Southeast's leading placenta encapsulation company. Placenta encapsulation is believed to help mothers replenish the hormones and nutrients, such as iron, that are lost during childbirth. The practice and business of placenta encapsulation has grown over the last 10 years, giving mothers the energy and hormonal balance that's needed to quickly recover from child birth and get back to feeling normal rapidly. With placenta encapsulation, women are avoiding postpartum depression and fatigue, which would normally cause them to miss out on this precious time in life.

Currently, Wombmart provides safe, sanitary, in-home placenta encapsulation in NC, SC, and VA. Every year, Wombmart has grown. You could be a part of our growth. We are currently hiring for part-time Placenta Encapsulation Specialists (PES®) in the areas listed above.

You must be comfortable talking with people and presenting to large and small crowds. Must be comfortable working with bodily fluids and organs (such as the placenta and blood). Travel is required because we visit our clients in their homes. You will be matched with mothers that are in your area, usually within a 30-minute drive (but we require up to 45 miles one-way travel). This service is a 2-part process which takes approximately 3 hours total time. Most supplies and training will be provided to perform the service. Compensation is per client visited and averages out to around $40/hr. A part-time specialist might expect to see 1-4 clients per month. 


Must live in or very close to the city (cities) listed above
Must be at least 21 years old
High school diploma or GED (some college, preferred) 
Reliable transportation 
Current valid drivers license
Smart phone (with unlimited texting) and e-mail 
Excellent professional references
Good organization skills
Able to pass placenta encapsulation specialist certification (having taken some college courses would help with this)

Ideal candidate (not required):

Some college-level courses

Stay / work at home parent
Lactation consultant
Biological or chemical studies or laboratory background
Food service background

Nursing background

CONTACT US for further details and to apply. At that time, we will request a relevant resume, cover letter (telling about yourself, why you are interested in working with us, postpartum women, and placentas. Any experience you have with placenta encapsulation, if applicable. Why you are a optimal candidate for this position. Etc.), current photo and 3 references (at least 2 professional, including their name, title, phone number and email address). 

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