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Holiday Schedule

Please note that encapsulation services will not be provided on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day or on the days preceding and following each of these major Holidays. Encapsulation will be scheduled around these times, which may mean that the placenta will have to be frozen, if encapsulation cannot take place within 4 days. As this information is provided in advance, the retainer remains non-refundable, even if birth occurs around these holidays and services cannot be provided within the usual 4-day period.

Freezing the placenta is fine.  It is a common practice for a number of reasons (parents want us to wait until they are home from hospital, they want to wait until their visiting family members are gone, etc.).  We've found no differences in the quality or effectiveness when using a placenta which has been frozen for a few days compared to a fresh one.  The biggest issue with freezing is the delay in starting your capsules, so there is a chance of a hormone/mood drop which is often felt to be alleviated with the very first dose of placenta pills. 


I personally had to freeze my own.


Blessings!  Jereka Hunt, Owner

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