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Extended Travel Areas

If you were quoted at or above 60 miles away from the nearest specialist, you are in our Extended Travel area. This basically means that it may take the specialist at least 1 hour to reach you and that she will have to do some additional planning or coordinating in order to schedule your encapsulation. 


Given the work schedule and/or distance of your nearest specialist, we cannot extend the 4 day guarantee (whereas we guarantee to start the encapsulation process within 4 days of delivery).  This means that there is a small potential that you will have to freeze the placenta if she is not able to see you in a timely manner.  Freezing the placenta is fine.  It is a common practice for a number of reasons (parents want us to wait until they are home from hospital, they want to wait until their visiting family members are gone, etc.).  We've found no differences in the quality or effectiveness when using a placenta which has been frozen for a few days compared to a fresh one.  The biggest issue with freezing is the delay in starting your capsules, so there is a chance of a hormone/mood drop which is often felt to be alleviated with the very first dose of placenta pills. 


I personally had to freeze my own. Dropping the guarantee to get started within 4 days will help us to accommodate your area while we are in the process of seeking, certifying and training local specialists (if you know anyone who may be interested, have them contact us right away!). You will not wait longer than 7 days for us to get started for you (and not likely more than 4/5 days).  Even given the distance, we are often able to see clients within 3/4 days of delivery.  Hope this helps in decision to book services with Wombmart.  Blessings!  Jereka Hunt, Owner

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