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Covid-19 Protocol 

See this letter to current Wombmart clients to see how we are approaching the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hello Wombmart Clients, 

We, at Wombmart, hope this correspondence finds you and your loved ones well. We are happy to report that the Wombmart staff members and their families are doing well, feeling great, and practicing social distancing, as much as life will allow us! We would also like to thank you for reaching out to us. The response from you all has overwhelmingly been along the lines of support and hope that we will be able to continue our services.


Please read the following as these are steps we are taking and steps we hope you will take in order to ensure a safe transaction:


Very simply put, be prepared to possibly freeze the placenta. If we find ourselves unable to reach you due to (potential) illness in our home or your home, or current policy prohibits us from reaching you, we want to preserve the integrity of the placenta.


With that said, we will not see clients if anyone in our household is exhibiting signs of illness including excessive coughing, sneezing, sore throat and fever.


Our Specialists will arrive to your home wearing face masks before entering your home. It is normally our protocol to allow you to see our faces, but this protects both your household as well as our specialist. So they will wear their face mask the entire time.


We will increase hand washing during the encapsulation process as well as glove changing, paying special attention to washing hands between all glove changes.


As many of you may already know, we clean with soap and water and we sanitize your kitchen area using a 10% bleach solution. So that particular protective step is already built into our process!


Here's what you can do:


We have always preferred not to see new moms. We prefer you to rest! We will now strongly recommend that mom and baby stay in bedrooms or a reasonable distance away from our visiting specialist. This is for the ultimate protection of the newborn baby and the recently postpartum mom. And while it is our normal protocol to allow family members to watch and ask questions, if at all possible, it would be practicing proper social distancing if our specialist could operate in your kitchen without anyone else present for longer than a few seconds to a few minutes at a time (i.e. you need to get something out of the refrigerator, etc.).


If you have a preferred method of cleaning or purifying the air (Lysol, running in essential oil diffuser, etc.), consider doing this for up to half an hour in the kitchen area after our specialist leaves. (Optional)


If you have not made your deposit or initial payment to book services, we are waving this requirement for clients due in April and May, 2020. You only need to submit your intake form and we will send placenta care information to you. We ask that you be prepared to make your payment in-full once baby has arrived and policies and parameters at that time will allow for us to provide you placenta encapsulation services. Once it is determined that encapsulation can take place, you will make your payment and then we will put our specialist in contact with you to set up the time for your encapsulation. 



Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Stay safe, practice social distancing, and wash your hands (a lot)!

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